Brie Bella's ''Mom'' Nikki Shuts Down Her Plan to Get a Tattoo: ''She's Ruining the Whole Moment!''

On tonight's Total Divas, Brie heads to Los Angeles with , Renee Young, and Lana to let loose and have some fun before she gets pregnant. But when Nikki hears about Brie's plan to get a tattoo, she shuts it down.
"Brie I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but you can't," Nikki says in the clip above.
"OK mom," Brie replies.
Nikki explains that Brie's husband would be "so upset" if he found out Brie got a tattoo.
"And I'm not for like listen to your man, but I feel like that's something you have to talk to him about," Nikki says.

After hearing this, Brie still maintains that she's getting a tattoo.
"I really want to live it up this weekend before getting pregnant, but my sister…actually no I'm gonna call her my mom…she's ruining the whole moment, she's just like killing the mood!" Brie explains.

Watch Brie react to Nikki in the tense Total Divas clip above!