More than 1 Million S.Koreans Stage Peaceful Rallies To Demand President's Resignation

More than 1 million South Koreans arranged serene arouses crosswise over focal Seoul on Saturday night to request President Park Geun-hye venture down over an outrage including her long-lasting compatriot and previous assistants.
Coordinators assessed that the quantity of members in the Saturday rally, the third since the embarrassment came into concentrate a month ago, topped 1 million in Seoul alone, as per nearby media reports. Last Saturday, around 200,000 individuals turned out in the capital city.
It would be the nation's biggest mass rally at any rate since June 1987 when around 1 million demonstrators assembled to ouster the military fascism. In 2008, somewhere in the range of 700,000 challenged then-President Lee Myung-bak who continued US hamburger imports amid the episode of frantic dairy animals infection.
Police said around 260,000 individuals turned out in Seoul, pounding its prior desire of to 170,000.
Running from couples with their infants and kids to understudies in school regalia and silver haired old men, standard South Koreans swarmed the Seoul roads.