Bryan Tanaka Is ''Definitely Charming'' Mariah Carey: ''I Think He Might Dance His Way Into Her Heart!'' Says Singer's Manager

Even Mariah Carey's manager can't deny her chemistry with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka!
As the singer and her supposed new beau continue to spark relationship rumors, we had to ask Mimi's manager Stella Bulochnikov her thoughts about their reported romance.
"Well, when you're Mariah Carey you're one of the most coveted women in the world so I can't blame Tanaka for having a crush on her," Stella told E! News exclusively at the Mariah's Worldpremiere party at Catch NYC. "We'll have to wait and see if he puts the moves on her."
Mariah Carey, Bryan Tanaka
Theo Wargo/E! Entertainment
Stella admits Bryan is certainly smooth when it comes to flirting with the ladies. "Tanaka is definitely charming," she smiled.
Stella added of Mariah, "I think he might dance his way into her heart. I don't know."
Hear that, lambs?!
Mariah Carey, Bryan Tanaka
Theo Wargo/E! Entertainment
Meanwhile, Stella opened up to E! News about her super strong bond with the Grammy winner. "We are two strong women, we are single moms, we empower each other and I think the messaging is to continue empowering women to work hard and to play hard. And I think that's what Mimi and I do best," she dished. "Every time we have to go to work and we have to do something, we try to piggyback a vacation. So if we're shooting in Hawaii and we're doing three sold-out shows in Hawaii, we try to make a vacation out of it too so the kids can have fun. It's all about the kids."
Stella added, "We got together and I think we just both have the same philosophy on life, which is to work hard, to play hard and to support women always, to be strong women, to be a role model to our kids and to just have fun."

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