Muslim Girl Goes Missing After She Was Called A Terrorist On Subway

A 18-year-old Muslim young lady who said she was bugged and called a psychological oppressor while riding the tram a week ago has been accounted for missing by the Nassau County Police Department.
An alarm was issued by police yesterday evening saying Yasmin Seweid, 18, had been lost since Wednesday. She was most recently seen abandoning her home in New Hyde Park, Long Island at 8 p.m.

A week ago, Seweid stood up about being annoyed at the 23rd Street tram station by three men who attempted to rip off her hijab.
Seweid said the men called her a fear based oppressor and attempted to snatch her hijab saying "take that cloth off your head."
Police are as yet hunting down the men who supposedly focused on Seweid.

Police said Seweid was most recently seen wearing a dark coat, clogged pore scarf, dark yoga pants and a blue sweater and was conveying a sack containing apparel.
An exhaustive check is at present on going.