The New BlackBerry “Mercury” BBB100

Owing to several devices that has really done a lot in area of camera use, BlackBerry has decided to come up with something new in order to impress its users.
According to Roland Quandt in a tweet, it was gathered that the camera of the new BlackBerry Mercury will have the same camera like that of the google Pixel phone, or the Xiaomi Mi 5S or the HTC U Ultra.

Device directory file readouts pin the main camera to be the 4K-capable IMX378 while the selfie camera is either a Samsung S5K4H8 or an Omnivision OV8856, either unit having 8 megapixels with 1.12μm plots and full HD video capability at 30fps.

Quandt also believes that the phone, known by the media misnomer “Mercury,” will tote a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, not an 821.
This new device will come out by February 25, so you can try to get yours from good selected distributors across the country.