Meet The Winner of The Miss Blacksatino Nigeria Contest Who Transformed From Size 18 To Size 6

Her name is Mary Oluwatosin and she has emerged the Ist winner of the 2017 edition of Miss Blacksatino Nigeria. She moved from Size 18 to Size 6

When she was asked, She says it is the craziest within a very short time.. I wasn't​ confident in that body at all, couldn't wear the dresses I wanted.. so I started exercising in my room outta frustration, do sit ups, jog on a spot and several other routine.. later I started jogging with two big German shepherd dogs and climbing hills with them (my brother was with with me jogging) we leave home as early as 5:30 and don't get back until about 9pm.. it was crazy didn't get results immediately as I expected magic..The transition is my testimony.

The Queen who won out of 20 contestants says she is elated and will never take the position for granted.

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