Helen Paul Stuns in her White Garment, Says Christianity is Not About the Church You Attend (photos,)

- Helen Paul was recently spotted in a white garment church

- The comedienne says Christianity is not about the church one attends
- She also asks why we cannot all worship one God
Popular comedienne and actress Helen Paul was part of a group of comedians that visited London recently and while she was there, she happened to visit a white garment church.
Not only was she dancing in the church, she also wore the uniform of the church. While it is not known if Helen is a member of the church, she took to her Instagram to write that the gospel is not about the church one attends.
Top comedienne Helen Paul spotted in a white garment church
Helen Paul and Woli Arole (Image courtesy Instagram)
Read her post below:
“The gospel is not about the CHURCH you attend or the doctrine you follow, it's all about; THE GOOD NEWS, ETERNITY, LOVE, FAITH, SACRIFICE, SERVICE TO HUMANITY. There is no BOOK OF LIFE OF CHURCHES, it's simply a BOOK OF LIFE and whoever his/her name is there would be granted ACCESS.
Can we all just serve ONE GOD, have one SPIRIT, and live in UNITY. Some people say they are for PAUL, some say they are for APOLLO. But Paul planteth, Apollo watereth and GOD giveth INCREASE.”