Hushpuppi Blast a Woman Trying to Advice Him - You are Broke and Stupid

- Hushpuppi recently blasted a woman on social media

- The lady had tried to advise him about his lavish lifestyle
- Hushpuppi wasn’t having any of it as he labelled her a loser
Hushpuppi might have gotten his fame via the internet but this doesn’t mean he would accept the insults people throw his way online.
He recently blasted a lady who mocked his lavish lifestyle via a photo of American billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The lady then tried to advise him to change.
Hushpuppi wasn’t having any of it and he let the lady know, labeling her a loser. See a screenshot of their exchange below:
Hushpuppi blasts lady who strayed into his DM to advise him
This is coming after Hushpuppi was accused of being a fraudster (419) by political commentator and convener of Concerned Nigerians civil society group Deji Adeyanju.
Hushpuppi recently also detailed how he and his brother used to beg people to lap them for ride in commercial buses on their way from primary school because they had no money. He advised Nigerians who also experience life struggles like he did not to give up and keep trying, adding that just because someone starts poor doesn’t mean things would remain the same.