According to various reports, at least 29 people, mainly Women and Children have died in fresh attacks in Jos, Central Nigeria. 

Although a curfew had been imposed in the region, the attackers seemed to have found a way to defy the curfew. According to the Guardian, Sunday Abdu, a former member of the Plateau State House of Assembly:
the attackers, disguised as Soldiers who were there to protect the victims, took them to a classroom and shot them once they were helpless. 

The victims, amongst others, had gone to the Primary School for shelter fearing reprisal attacks after 6 Cattle herders were killed in an earlier attack in the area. 

The Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, through their head in Bassa - Umaru Sangare, have denied any culpability, telling reporters: 

We have no hand in the attack against the Irigwe, despite the fact our six men were killed on Sunday." 

Jos, has been, for a while, an hotbed for various sectarian, religious and economic crisis that have continued, despite efforts by both State and Federal Government to contain it.