Breaking: Paul Manafort Indicted, Turns Himself In To Authorities

As we reported earlier today, Robert Mueller is likely to start Indictment proceedings in the Trump-Russia investigations and we believe certain individuals were more likely to be indicted than others. On our list, Paul Manafort held pole position. 

News circulating now shows Paul Manafort has been criminally indicted, along with Rick Gates for deep money laundering totalling $75million and having ties to foreign government. Manafort has turned himself in to authorities.

Rick Gates - an associate of Manafort and a Russian Lobbyist was a member of the Republican National Committee that oversaw fund-raising and campaign contracts for the Trump Presidential Campaign.

The current charges are not related to Manafort and Gates' work for trump, although the first charge against Manafort is "conspiracy against the United States.

We will keep you posted as events unfolds.