Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indegenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) was absent in court on Tuesday for his trial. Mr Kanu, along with three other defendants, were charged with treason and was expected in an Abuja court as proceedings in the case resumed. 

His absence led to a bit of commotion in court as Counsel for Nnamdi Kanu and the Prosecution traded accusations and blamed the other party for Kanu's absence. 

Mr. Kanu's Lawyer - Ifeanyi Ejiofor, told the Judge, Mrs Binta Nyanko, that he didn't know the whereabouts of his client, even going as far as saying he was not sure whether his Client was dead or alive. He insisted the Nigerian Security Agencies arrested his Client and had him in custody. The Security Agencies denied doing so. 

The Prosecution enjoined the Court to revoke Mr. Kanu's bail terms and also hold his sureties responsible for his absence in the Court. 

A PDP Senator, representing Abia, Mr Eyinaya Abaribe, who stood as surety for Mr. Kanu, also applied to the court, asking for his N100 million bond to be refunded. According to him, 
since the stated visit of the Nigerian Army to the residence of the first defendant from 11, 2017, the second respondent in this suit (Mr. Kanu) has not been seen in public, neither has he been reported as making any statement on any issue. 
Mr. Kanu, was charged with Treason in October, 2015 and was issued bail based on Medical grounds in April of the same year, under strict terms. Some of the terms included him not attending any rally, or to be part of a crowd of more than 10 people. He was also forbidden from giving interviews during the bail period.

It is not clear how the proceedings would continue, especially with the absence of Mr. Kanu, and with both parties insisting they know nothing of his whereabouts. 

A senator who stood as surety for Mr. Kanu also asked to be relieved of that role.