Nigerian Artists Pay Attention To Beats Only Not Minding The Lyrics

Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz The Bahd Guy spoke about the Nigerian music and why many artistes do not pay attention to lyrical content.
According to the lawyer turned singer, many Nigerian musicians do not care about the kind of music they churn out because they know Nigerians do not pay attention to lyrics instead, all they care about is the beat. In his words, Nigerians just want to dance and that is why artistes focus more on the beat than lyrics.
He further added that he is one of the few Nigerian artistes who still pay attention to the lyrics because he believes “good music is a blend of good beat, good message and a nice melody”
He said;
“It is correct to say that a lot of artists are not concerned about lyrical content because they know that the Nigerian people just want to dance.
However, a few musicians still pay attention to lyrical content. I personally pay a lot of attention to that.
Music shouldn’t be about the beats alone. Good music is a good blend of everything – good beat, good message and nice melody.”