Is This Chelsea Defending The Worst Ever Seen In The Champions League? (See Video)

While Chelsea's performance in their three-nil away loss to AS Roma last night in the Champions league was embarrassing and poor as a whole, some of the defending in particular were quite literally, worst than what you find, even in amateur leagues. 

With AS Roma having a substantial 3 - 0 lead, they could have made it four but Perotti spurned a great chance after being teed by Dzeko. It was a bad miss, but what saved him from embarrassment was the sheer brain fart that was Chelsea's defending leading up to the chance. 

Call it Schoolboy defending and you won't be wrong. Some are even already calling it the worst piece of defending they've seen at that level of Football, and I really don't think they are exaggerating. 

You can only see it to believe it.