#EndSars: EndSars Campaign Politically Motivated - Police PRO

The Police PRO - Mr Jimoh Moshod has accused a certain Segun Awosanya - who allegedly started the #ENDSARS campaign on Twitter of being politically motivated. 

Speaking on Sunrise Daily on Channels TV, the Police PRO said: "..the owner of the hashtag..Segun, we have seen his pictures with various kind of politicians..and we want Nigerians to know that." 

The Police believes that having pictures with different politicians can only mean that the hashtag started by @segalinks and the whole movement is politically motivated to undermine the effort of SARS, who according to the police, are doing a great job. 

The Presenter later put this to him: "without prejudice...the hashtag would only trend if a lot of Nigerians feel strongly about it. And from the impression that we gathered, a lot of Nigerians feel strongly about that." 

She further states: "..I have seen them (SARS) on the road and I have to re-examine more than once or twice if these are actually police officers in terms of how they address the people."