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Festac Fire: Product of a failed System

By Olaniyan Oluwaseun

     Just yesterday, the link bridge in Awuwo Odofin local government area of Festac was gutted by fire.The fire was initiated by a petrol tanker coming from apple junction towards Festac town.

     The mishap started when the tanker was unable to climb the bridge thereby Wheeling backwards.Which resulted to the tanker disconnecting from the the content it carried thereby causing a large explosion.Nothing less than 20cars were caught in the inferno as the owners took to their heels for their dear lives.

       Properties were lost in what could be termed as one of the biggest fire occurrence in recent times.It was baffling when the fire fighters arrived the scene 30 minutes after the outbreak of fire.

       With the intensity of flames the fire produced,the fire fighters complained of the inadequacy of water to put a stop to the wild fire.Thereby flashing back to the everyday Nigerian excuses of lack of equipment and amenities by service men of the country.

       It has always been a regular for the police to give excuses of not arriving a crime scene due to lack of mobility,fuel,fire arms and so on.The same scenario occurred with the fire service too thereby raising questions that 'werent they prepared when they were called upon'?.

        For the fire service, police, army, doctors that deal with the protection of lives and properties.. Is it not just right for adequate amenities to be provided ahead of situations and crisis?.This is the reality of a failed state that produces a failed system in which we live in.

         The masses are not benefitting from privileges supposed to be their civil rights.Transplants,Surgeries requiring sophisticated equipments are referred to other capable countries when it can be afforded to the hospitals in the nation.

          All these unproductivity shouldn't be blamed on the service men but rather the system and arms of Government that we elected.Corruption is the major cancer worm eating deep into the system.

          The speedy response to emergency cases are all in the past and a once upon a time tale being told by our ancestors.The youths of today are trapped into corruption and nepotism as the leaders care less about the grassroot.If only the system did what it was assigned to do,the country would have been a safe haven for all to reside.

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