What a year this has been.

A year that gave us the Presidency of Donald Trump – atimes comical, mostly disturbing, but generally a wakeup call to our humanity.

 A year that conquered Robert Mugabe – survivor of the revolution that gave his country independence, instigator of a movement that returned power to natives, and then, who as President, took the power away from the people and gave it to a few.

A year that reminded us, with stark audacity, that we still have a long way to go in combating the ills of slave trade and racism, both in the west and even amongst the enslaved. The shock of it was so much; many had to take a knee to preserve their sanity.

A year that reminded us of the dangers of unchecked power, and the downside of technology epitomised by the trigger happy fingers of Kim Jong Un; of the role of positive leadership in the shaping of super-powers and how China is betting its future on it.

A year that gave us great music and took great musicians; a year that gave us “Wonder Woman” and the moving power of “Despicato;”  but moved many of to tears at the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Yet, with all these and many more, the biggest

The women who had the courage to speak out against their oppressors – women of varying age and outlook – who can’t more different – brought together by a common enemy – sexual abuse.

These women, too many to mention, became the nemesis for powerful men who saw their power as the antidote to justice. These women, called the ‘Silencer” by the TIMES are the person of the year. Why the year battered many, these women struck back against patriarchy and the believe that powerful, sexual molesters can’t be brought down.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Travis Kalanick, Toback, Matt Lauer, Tracey and many more, have been brought down amidst increasing allegations against them. Why we could have done something a long time ago, especially the bystanders, these women have done it for the culture – and shifted perception from shaming women who are victims to asking for justice for the women.

Men in power over-reaching beyond what is acceptable when it came to women is not the exception – it’s the norm everywhere, and the women who have shouted, even at the danger of getting numb, for us to hear deserves all the respect and accolade they get.

They made it all worth the drama.

Thank you 2017.