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Jollof rice is a Nigerian food classic, and everybody knows, people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Tim Westwood, Chris Brown has tried the Nigerian Jollof, infact theres a Jollof war in Kenya, Nigerian and Ghana on whose Jollof tastes better, but its obviously Nigerian Jollof
You are like to come across Jollof Rice in parties, eateries and the countless list goes on. Findings has it that the best Jollof are Party Jollof and you cant just find them anywhere because they are specially cooked in a special pot. The ones cooked with firewood are the best trust me.

Below is a DIY way of making a tasty Jollof and bet me you wont regret you tried

800 grams of rice
Tomato paste
Salt Maggi cubes
Measuring spoon
2 leaves of bayleafs
2 peppers
1 scotch bonnet pepper
1 medium size onion
Chicken stock powder 1 teaspoon.
A Funny Jollof Meme

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