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Don't Let Your Makeup Make You Look Older, Foundation, Bronzer & Eyeshadow May Be The Cause

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Are you guilty of abusing/misusing of Makeups? Here are some tips you should learn from.
Makeup is designed to make women look better - but the wrong technique can add years to your face.

Whether it's the way you apply blusher or how much mascara you lash on, makeup artists say that women make common mistakes every single day that could cause them to look years older.
Makeup artists have shared the classic errors that women make when they get ready in the morning - and their vital tips for ensuring they do it right.

Celebrity make-up artist, Mikey Phillips, says the most ageing thing a woman can do is apply a mismatched concealer - either one that is too light or too dark. 
Sharing his advice for the most youthful application, he said: 'Match it to your skin tone and use a little and blend into the skin. Always be sure to steer well clear of cakey, dry formulations and opt for a light reflecting, hydrating one.'

Another majorly ageing mistake is to overdo it with the blusher - especially very bold red hues. Instead, opt for a peachy hue and only apply it along the cheekbones - never the apples of the cheeks. 
When it comes to foundation, blending is key because you want to ensure the creams don't sit in your fine lines and emphasize them even more.

If lipstick is a makeup favourite in your later years, always line the lips before applying any colour.
As you mature, thin lines can develop around the mouth, which is emphasised by any bleeding lipstick. Liner will lock in the colour all throughout the day, ensuring a perfectly precise pout.
When it comes to eyebrows, take note from Cara Delevingne, who proves that thick and healthy brows can transform the face.
If a pencil is making the brows a little too severe, opt for a waxy palette with a small angle-tip brush. Define the arch and subtly shade in any sparse areas for a youthful, full look. 

Mikey shares plenty of other top anti-ageing tips, including never applying mascara to your lower lashline, avoiding contouring completely and shunning eyeshadows with glittery tones in them. 

-Source Daily Mail-

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