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7 Nigerian YouTube Videos That Will Crack Your Ribs

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There’s so much happening around us today and life may even taste like a real sour orange. But wait o, you know how it is – today you buy sour orange, tomorrow you buy the one that’s as sweet as ever. So why keep your face scrounged like a crumbled paper. If there’s something many people need more than water, it is laughter.

Now, because we care. We’ll let you in on an open secret. Anytime, you need a chuckle, go on YouTube and Just laugh, abeg! Life never get duplicate. “At this time of the day you’re ‘Franking’ your face. Laughhhhhh!”
Enjoy ya sef--o!

Here are seven YouTube Videos to keep you laughing:

1. Frank donga and Falz the bahd guy wrong numba

2. Biggest Star - this guy can sing shaaa

3. My Real Face (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 48)

4. Confession Ft. Bovi

5. African Mums: Punishments

6. Pornography, or simply bad luck

7. Okon picks a Lady who turned out to be a Guy

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