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All You Need To Know About Linda Ikeji Social Platform

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Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular Nigerian bloggers.

Linda Ikeji has launched, a website where social networking meets blogging meets classified ads/buy and sell all in one package.
According to the top Nigerian blogger, is coming to life 6 months after the idea was conceived.
After the cut is a video that takes you on a tour of the site and how it functions.

Actually safe to call her Linda ZuckerIkeji
What this means now is that you can connect to friends, read her blog and literally stay woke and also buy items from verified sellers on the website.
In addition to all of this, you can make money by selling your eye witness stories to her and also being one of the LIS affiliates via your business pages.
All we’re doing here right now is
Image: Gifs MeImage: Gifs Me

Because whether you like her or loathe her, this idea is pretty much great
Eventually, people will sign up for Linda Ikeji Social for various reasons. Some for curiosity
Others because they’re looking for love (
in a comment section)
And others to make money via writing stories because that money must be made

Whatever reason it is, we have one quick question for you. Will you be joining Linda Ikeji Social? If no, why not?

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