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#AndysComing Is The New Viral Challenge You Need To Know, Forget Mannequin Challenge

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Move over #MannequinChallenge, the internet is being swept by a new obsession - the #AndysComing craze.
Barely a few days after the mannequin challenge dominated the internet, a new challenge has now gone viral online, pushing the former to relative anonymity.
As it is with most online fads, people have a short-term memory and it comes as no surprise that the mannequin challenge has been dethroned in a couple of days by the now-trending #AndysComing challenge.

The #AndysComing challenge replaces the #MannequinChallenge, which was started by students of Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Florida. The short video fad required one to freeze - lifeless like a mannequin if you please - in a comical situation.
The first clip was uploaded on Twitter on Oct. 26 and generated more than 4,000 retweets in the ensuing days. It slowly made its way to other social media sites and by Nov. 2 had snowballed into a hashtag challenge.
Remember the Disney classic Toy Story released in 1995? It was based on the premise that toys come to life when their owner - the human - is away. However, when the human is present the toys go back to being lifeless again.

In the film, the toys would fall down the minute the human owner, a boy named Andy, would walk in. Taking a cue from this is the latest internet craze.
In the now-viral challenge, someone merely yells "Andy's coming!" and everyone in the room who is in motion will act lifeless and drop to the ground - just like Woody in Toy Story.
The challenge has become an internet sensation with high schoolers who were probably not born yet when the original Toy Story premiered in theaters. The inspiration from the movie has led to the new challenge, which is now trending on Twitter with hashtags #ToyStoryChallenge, #AndysComingChallenge and #AndysComing.

Interestingly, this very challenge did the rounds in 2013 on Vine and has suddenly gotten a new lease on life.
While the challenge is being carried out by young millennials, it is a tad amusing when people complete the task but query who Andy is.
Nevertheless, the latest viral challenge that is sweeping the internet has resulted in some pretty funny videos!

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