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Barack Obama today advised Donald Trump to "face Russia" in a stark cautioning to the following President. The active head cautioned the US "can't set aside" free discourse and the administer of law when Trump goes into the White House in January.
Trump is because of meet Russian pioneer Vladimir Putin after the combine pledged to handled ISIS in achievement phone talks.
In the Presidential battle Trump traded questionable warm words with Putin - saying he had "solid control over a nation" and "in the event that he says awesome things in regards to me, will say incredible things in regards to him."
Be that as it may, talking in a joint question and answer session with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama said the relationship must not be genuine.
Russia conflicted with the US over remote strategy when it added Crimea and sent its military to Syria in support of divisive President Bashar Al-Assad.
Mr Obama said: "With the end goal for us to tackle numerous huge issues far and wide, it is to our greatest advantage to work with Russia.
"[However] on issues like Ukraine, on issues like Syria, we've had extremely critical contrasts.
"My trust is that the president-elect coming in adopts a likewise helpful strategy, discovering ranges where we can participate with Russia where our qualities and interests adjust.
"However, that the president-elect additionally will confront Russia when they are straying from our qualities and universal standards".
Obama and Merkel appreciated a cordial meeting as two of the main real world pioneers who have served for a long time or more.
"Chancellor Merkel is maybe the main pioneer left among our nearest partners who was there when I arrived," the President said.
Furthermore, relinquishing the commence of fairness, he proposed he would vote in favor of her on the off chance that she endeavored a fourth term in 2017.

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