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Headies Finally Offer Explanation On Controversial List

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With the debate started taking after of the arrival of the chosen people list Headies Award 2016: the coordinators of the honor appear, has at last offered a clarification on the purpose behind the selection of candidates.
By means of an announcement the coordinators offered a clarification saying:
'Throughout the years, Nigeria's most prestigious music grant, The Headies has strived for perfection in building the honor on genuine estimations of honesty, straightforwardness and obligation. We have endeavored to remunerate aesthetic resourcefulness since the very beginning furthermore teaching the joining devotees of the honor, the general population and media outlets about the guidelines of the honors and the criteria for selections in every class. Periodically, we understand that the fans, individuals in the business and the media are either deceived or not focusing on the standards and criteria for designation.
'Subsequently, it is essential to set the record straight and keep on enlightening the business and the fans. We perceive how imperative The Headies is to our industry and we won't underestimate data.'
'Next Rated for instance are authoritatively unreleased artistes in the year under survey. This implies, regardless of how great or mainstream your tune might be, what number of hit singles or what number of good music recordings you may have, on the off chance that you have not recorded and discharged an official collection, you are still qualified to be named for that class. In a similar vein, you may begin your profession a year prior, the length of you have discharged a collection, won't the qualified for assignment in the Next Rated Category.'
'Another classification is Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year, this classification essentially implies, Best New Artiste meaning, you more likely than not discharged your introduction collection in the year in audit. Regardless of the possibility that you have put in 10 years in the music business and should discharged 18-20 singles; the length of you haven't discharged a collection, you are not qualified to be selected in the Revelation Of The Year class. Until you discharge your first collection you are then viewed as another artiste in the year under audit.
In the event that Peter of P-Square discharges a collection in the year under audit and it meets judges necessities, it can be selected for Revelation of the Year also called best new artiste. Same happened to Beyonce after her Destiny's Child abuses.'
'Your tune won't be designated in the singles class be it Best Pop or Best R&B or Rap single classification if the tune wasn't authoritatively discharged as a solitary. This implies, regardless of the possibility that you discharge a collection and a melody/track off that collection is sufficient and meets different prerequisites, it will in any case not be assigned in light of the fact that it wasn't discharged as a solitary, paying little mind to whether you shot a video for it or not.
'A few tunes turned out before the year in audit and turned out to be genuinely prevalent, the recordings were discharged in the year in survey. This implies it's lone the video discharged in the year in audit that is qualified for assignment just in the video classification and the video in some cases don't make the rundown. Lamentably, the vast majority become acquainted with about a melody when the video is discharged so they think the tune is new.'

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