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Here’s How You Can Use Less Internet Data On Instagram

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Instagram is one of the popular social media platform, and if you’re a regular user you would know how data is very essential on viewing those photos and videos all day.

The platform automatically load photos and auto-plays videos giving you not much choice to monitor your data usage. Well good news is Instagram has induced a data-savings feature that will help you reduce data usage.

Here’s how to set it up:
1) Open Instagram app >> then go to the Profile tab
2) Tap on the ‘Settings’ at the top right
3) Scroll down >> Look for ‘Cellular Data Use’ and tap on it
4) And simply enable the ‘Use Less Data’ toggle switch.
With the setting done, your Instagram app will use less data and what it actually does:
According to Instagram, enabling this setting prevents videos in your feed from preloading when you’re connected to a cellular network, which means videos in your feed will load more slowly than they would with the setting turned off.

By default, Instagram preloads videos so they start faster whenever possible. If you want to reduce the amount of cellular data the Instagram app uses, you can choose not to have Instagram preload videos over cellular connections. If you choose to use less data, videos may take longer to load over a cellular connection.
Choosing to use less data won’t affect the way Instagram works when you’re using WiFi.

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