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Mexico captain hopes win boosts pride after U.S. election

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Mexico captain Rafa Marquez insisted on Friday that his team’s dramatic victory over the United States in World Cup qualifying would help soothe his nation’s "pain" at Donald Trump’s triumph in the presidential election.

Marquez scored the winning goal in the 89th minute as Mexico prevailed 2-1 at MAPFRE Stadium, then spoke of his hope that the result would provide a boost to Mexican national pride at the end of a difficult week.

Trevor Ruszkowski, USA TODAY Sports
"Maybe now there (has been) a bad time," Marquez said. "I don’t know about bad time, but a time of intolerance.

Mexico stuns U.S. with 2-1 win in World Cup qualifier

"But now, with this win they can forget a little bit about what happened here in the United States."

Trump’s comments about Mexico and Mexicans, especially on the subject of immigration, were seen as highly offensive south of the border, as was his election promise to build a giant wall between the countries and "make Mexico pay for it."

Some Mexico fans at the stadium on Friday wore costumes mocking Trump, while it was reported that one U.S. fan was ejected for chanting offensively about hoping Trump "nukes Mexico."
Regardless of the political subplots, Mexico’s win was a welcome respite for its soccer team, which had lost 2-0 in Columbus in each of the previous four World Cup qualifying cycles, setting off the now infamous "dos a cero" chant from American supporters.

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