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Pro-Mugabe HopeTrump Returns In New Era

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President Robert Mugabe has been frozen out by Washington

Zimbabwe's state-run Herald newspaper has welcomed Donald Trump's election in the US, rejoicing in his defeat of "the warmonger" Hillary Clinton and hoping that he can deliver change in the relationship between the two countries.
The editorial in today's paper attacked the US for backing economic sanctions against Zimbabwe and sponsoring political opponents, describing the superpower as a "blundering global bully".

Mrs Clinton is described by the paper as a "warmonger" whose "hands drip with blood".
It added that Mr Trump's own relationship with the media might help him to sympathise with Zimbabwe:

We hope Trump, who was considered an outsider and who was attacked no end for all of 18 months by the US and Western media that sought to cast him as an unstable, unelectable ogre, will — with the benefit of experience — understand the Western characterisation of Zimbabwe."

It concluded by congratulating Mr Trump on his victory and urging him to "live up to this promise to do things differently from the Washington establishment." 

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