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Tension in America as Obama Orders Investigation into Election Results That Made Donald Trump Win

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Taking after the aftereffects of Tuesday night's race, President Obama has marked Executive Order 13805, which arranges a full relate of all votes cast in the race and requires an exceptional decision to be hung on December nineteenth.

As indicated by ABS, Obama marked the request because of the worries of a huge number of voters the nation over who said that they were kept from throwing a poll on race day, an excessive number of non-attendant votes have not been found or checked, gear disappointments, and in addition worries that a few individuals from the appointive school may have acted unscrupulously.

"Individuals everywhere throughout the nation have been flooding my office with calls, recounting my staff of loathsomeness stories about being pestered and scared by survey laborers," Obama told correspondents.

"Numerous have even said that they were level out denied passage into the voting corners to cast their polls on the off chance that they were wearing a Hillary Clinton shirt or different signs demonstrating support for her as President.

This was particularly awful in territories of Florida and North Carolina where there are high quantities of Latino and African American voters. We should explore these cases. The edge of triumph is a photo finish, and the result of this decision is excessively essential. There is just excessively numerous lawful difficulties in an excessive number of states to simply call this a triumph for Trump."

Under the President's request, the votes cast in all areas across the nation will be described, and all survey specialists who participated in Tuesday's race will be subjected to strict record verifications. This procedure is relied upon to take 30 days. In regions where the Department of Justice has cause to trust that voter concealment has happened, new decisions will be hung on Dec. nineteenth, with those outcomes being utilized to figure out who will speak to the individual states in the discretionary school.

As anyone might expect, Donald Trump is not content with the president's choice.
"Abnormal Hillary lost this race reasonable and square. They attempted to apparatus this race against me, yet the American individuals didn't permit that to happen. President Obama couldn't care less about what the American individuals need. I said the framework was fixed from the start, and this demonstrates I was correct," Trump said.

The president additionally said that the DOJ will investigate the individuals from the appointive school.
"We have gotten data from an exceptionally dependable source that proposes there may have been some intrigue between the individuals from the constituent school and survey specialists in certain swing states. Despite everything we have to explore these cases, however in the event that they are valid, we will take all the suitable activities essential."
Paul Horner, a teacher of political science at UCLA, trusts that the issues with the appointive school run much more profound that this decision.

"The vast majority feel that it is their perfectly fine to pick the president of the United States, however there is nothing in the constitution that says that. Hillary Clinton won the prevalent vote by more than 200,000 votes, but since of the constituent school, regardless she lost. That choice is saved exclusively for the 538 voters who meet in their individual states on December nineteenth. What the general population are really voting in favor of are their states' voters, not for the President. In spite of the fact that the framework is odd and out of line, it has endured on the grounds that numerous demand that it works fine and dandy as it may be, with the champ of the prominent and constituent vote generally coordinating. That does not mean, in any case, that it will keep on working fine and dandy later on. The way the framework is set up could make it glitch in some conceivably alarming ways, this late race being one of them."

Political Analyst Matt Daemon told ABC News that he concurs with the President's Executive Order and said that he might want to see the discretionary school discarded out and out.
"[The appointive college] is a f—lord joke; we ought to utilize the well known vote. It might have appeared well and good in 1788, however so did the three fifths trade off. Everybody ought to have an equivalent vote, and that is simply not the situation with the discretionary school. You know what the constituent school gave us? It gave us George W. Shrub. It gave us a war in Iraq, and the most noticeably bad retreat since the immense melancholy. It's an ideal opportunity to bring our framework into the 21st century. I trust Obama fixes this, since president Trump will be a bad dream."

Obama completed the question and answer session clarifying his arrangements for advancing.
"Will research the FBI into their part in the majority of this," Obama said. "Why did FBI chief James Comey on Sunday say that the organization is not suggesting charges against Clinton subsequent to checking on every last bit of her messages; proclaiming Hillary Clinton a free ladies advantageously only one day before the decision? Why wasn't this news discharged before? What number of votes were lost due to this?" Obama said. "In the event that these inquiries can't be replied by our due date set in December, a describe will be requested."

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