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The troubling list of words everyone's looking up since Trump won

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In a Nov. 13 tweet, Merriam-Webster discharged the top word queries at this moment — and obviously, the outcomes are a bit of discouraging.

Here they are:
Hunt down "dictatorship" likewise spiked on Google Trends taking after the decision, when Donald Trump won the administration, Gizmodo reported. What's more, as indicated by Merriam-Webster, hunt down these words expanded more than expected.
Features taking after the race have incorporated these:
•Misogyny now has the White House seal of endorsement (Boston Globe)
•The misogyny end times (Salon)
•Why misogyny was The Donald's trump card (Telegraph)
•Panel: What does the US race result say in regards to misogyny? (Gatekeeper)
•Racism, xenophobia and Trump's win (Pacific Standard)
•America chooses an extremist (New York Times)
Psst: If you're not exactly beyond any doubt what these words mean yourself, you can find them here.
These inquiries in the wake of the race look like the outcome of the June Brexit vote while, as indicated by information from Google Trends, scans for "what is the EU" and "what is brexit" begun spiking crosswise over Britain, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, late into the night — after it had been uncovered that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union.
In the mean time, Merriam-Webster has been chronicling various words connected with the crusade and the race on Twitter.

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