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Christmas Celebration in a Recession: Prices of Food items Skyrocket, Lagos Abattoir Scanty

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For many Nigerians, 2016 Christmas is more of economic hardship and hunger than the usual celebration.  While some people described it as the worst Christmas Nigeria has experienced since 1999, when democratic government came into being, others said, it is the time for Nigerians to think outside the box, on what they can do to boost economic activities in the country, rather than depending on excessive importation of items that can be produced locally.

When Sunday Vanguard visited some markets within Lagos metropolis, it was observed that some areas were very scanty. For instance, Ojigbo market, which serves as the depot for food items coming into Lagos from other States was scanty. Only few people were seen buying and selling along the railway area of the market that is known to be a very busy place for people coming from different locations to buy food items.

Also, food items were sold at very exorbitant prices when compared to last year Christmas. For example, A plastic paint measurement of crayfish previously sold for N1.200, went for N3,000; small measurement of garri sold for N800,  instead of N300, five litres of palm oil sold for N5,000, instead of N1,500; a kilo of turkey went for N1,000 instead of N500 and four litres of vegetable oil sold for N6,000 instead of N2,000.
At ketu/Mile-12 market, a tuber of yam initially sold for N300 went for N800; a medium size basket  of tomato sold for N20,000 instead of N8,000; chilli pepper sold for N18,000 instead of N10,000 and a basket load of onion sold for N15,000 instead of N7,500.

At Agege  abattoir where meat is often sold at wholesale prices to retailers, buyers were very few. At the abattoir, a disagreement ensued between two women over the price of a piece of meat, and it took the intervention of the workers around to calm the situation.
Some people who spoke with Sunday Vanguard at Oyigbo market, called on government to intervene and improve the economy, in order to alleviate poverty in the land.

In a chat with Sunday Vanguard, the Chairman, Toiletries & Cosmetics Group of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Mr. Ikpong Umoh, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to pursue economic diversification vigorously, notwithstanding the little increase in crude oil prices at the international market and relative peace in the Niger Delta region.

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