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Photograph: Man Loses Hands To Herbalist After Siblings Took Him

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A 26-year-old man, Oluwasegun Ayoola, has lost the utilization of his two hands after he was professedly tormented by a cultivator in the Oke-Aro zone of Lagos State.
Punch Metro learnt that the unidentified botanist, who is still everywhere, tied the casualty's hands and feet and dumped him in an earth pot for three days without nourishment.
The casualty was said to have been discharged after some relatives interceded. He was in this manner taken to a clinic for treatment.
A Punch journalist assembled that Oluwasegun was tidying up his loft on Idimu Road, Ejigbo, when he given way and was taken to the cultivator's place of worship by a relative, Afolabi.

His mom, Mrs. Kudirat Ayoola, said she never knew they were being taken to a hallowed place upon the arrival of the episode.
She said, "My child lives in his late father's home in Ejigbo; I don't remain with him. On April 30, 2016, I was called that he had gave way in the house. My stepson, Afolabi, and a stepdaughter instructed me to go along with them since they were taking him for treatment. I never knew it was a cultivator's home they were taking us to.
"When we got to Oke-Aro, they gave us over to a botanist. I dissented, yet they said it was for the change of his wellbeing. They dropped us off and left.

"On the next day, the cultivator poured palm oil around my child with candles and some obsession things. He requested that my child stoop down while I ought to ask. He drew out a blade and a divination tablet. He said my child had turned into his meat.
"We were frightened and my child began battling with him. I shouted for offer assistance. They began battling and my child headbutt the man. A portion of the botanist's partners came and beat up my child. They tied him up and dumped him in a mud pot. He was there for three days."
She added that endeavors to find a police headquarters in the area to report the occurrence demonstrated failed, including that her relatives later came to free the casualty.
Oluwasegun said the occurrence had abandoned him impair, saying he relied on upon his mom for nearly everything.

He said, "When I cleared out the botanist's place, I went to a police headquarters in Agege to report the episode, yet the policeman I met at the counter didn't take care of me in light of the fact that my hands stank and flies were humming over my wounds.
"I later observed a police watch van, which called a rescue vehicle. I was given some treatment and reclaimed to the house. Be that as it may, my condition has not moved forward. I rely on upon my mom to go to the can, wear my garments and even eat. I can't do anything independent from anyone else."
Be that as it may, Afolabi, the casualty's stepbrother, denied any complicity in the matter, saying he just joined other relatives to spare Oluwasegun.

He said, "I was not around when he fallen. Yet, we found he had lost his mind when he came round. At the point when the dysfunctional behavior was escaping hand, we organized and took him to the cultivator's place at Oke-Aro.
"I was not there when he was tied up, but rather I learnt that he battled with the man, scattered his home and harmed him. We took him to the cultivator's home for care. We had spent a great deal of cash over him, I don't have any more cash to spend."
It was learnt that Oluwasegun's late father wedded three spouses and had property in various parts of Lagos State.
His mom was said to be the third spouse of the perished, while he was the lady's exclusive child.

Punch Metro learnt that the case had been taken up by the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender.
The Public Affairs Officer of the OPD, Mr. Adeoba Adeniji-Adele, who affirmed the occurrence, said the office was all the while concentrating on the case.
He said, "Mystics are not neurologist or confirmed doctors, so individuals must be careful about them in therapeutic matters.
"The main port of bring for this situation ought to have been a doctor's facility for legitimate determination. Rather, he was assumed to a position where his treatment escaped hand. We are as yet concentrating on the case and suitable move will be made at the appropriate time."

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