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Police Bust Fake US Embassy In Ghana

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Dominant presences in Ghana have captured no less than three individuals regarding the peculiar instance of a counterfeit US international safe haven, which was being worked by fraudsters throughout the previous 10 years in the capital, Accra.
The fraudsters, whose aggregate number has not been unveiled, were busted in a joint operation by Ghanaian police and the US government office.

They are apparently coordinating with authorities who are exploring the degree of their trick.
The posse looked for customers from Ghana and neighboring West African nations, and conveyed them to a working in Accra where the American banner was flown.

For an expense of $6,000 (£4,700), the clueless candidates were issued visas which were not all fake, proposing the contribution of insiders at the American department.
The general population apparently captured by the police are of Ghanaian and Turkish nationalities.

The trick has continued for this long in light of the fact that the casualties have never been to an international safe haven - they are for the most part from country ranges and they were by all accounts consoled by the nearness of what appeared to them to be white individuals at the fake government office.

One more motivation behind why the pack worked effectively for this long was the way that a portion of the visas were bona fide - and the individuals who flew out to the US unwittingly publicized the fake international safe haven through verbal.

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