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Prepare for Christ’s Coming not Yuletide, Bishop Okeke urges Christians

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The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi, Most Rev Hillary Okeke, has called on Christians to use the forthcoming yuletide to uphold their spiritual readiness and preparation for Christ’s coming.
Okeke, who made the call while delivering his message for Christmas at Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral, Nnewi on Wednesday, said that Christmas was not for eating and merry making alone.

The Bishop said that the material aspect of the celebration had resulted in desperation, undue competition and crime.
“For many, Christmas is just a festival, the season of enjoyment and entertainment -music, dance, masquerades, fashion, food, drinks, pleasure, and events of merriment.
“All these are not bad in themselves but in reality, they show such tendencies that divert people away from the essence of Christmas which is the celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ.

“These are material pleasures that can contradict the spirit of Christ who taught us not to worry about our lives and what we eat and what we wear, but to set our eyes on God’s kingdom and its righteousness.
“Some Christians now see Christmas as Yuletide, a word that refers more to a festival rather than to the celebration of the mystery of incarnation, the birth of Jesus Christ.
“Commercialisation of religion, especially by the exploitation of the name of Jesus is the in-thing by people who are depraved in mind and deprived of truth. They imagine that religion is a way of making profit.

“Indeed, many persons need to change their attitude and approach to Christmas to achieve the real objectives of Christmas,’’ he said.
He said that the objectives were to grow ‘’in our faith in Christ and our commitment to his lifestyle,” he said.
The Bishop supported the President Muhammad Buhari’s change mantra adding that there was need for moral and social change in the country, especially on corruption.

He said that though there was hardship and economic difficulties in the country, all must join hands for the country to out of the woods.
“Today in Nigeria, change is in every person’s mouth, it is claimed that APC, the ruling party in the federation promised to change Nigeria.
“People are complaining very much, they say the change is a failure but actually, it is necessary in Nigeria.
“Nigeria may no longer be a country notorious for corruption, injustice, and criminality but one famous for justice and integrity, righteousness, discipline and orderliness, unity and peace.
He called for brotherliness and care for neighbours, the needy and those in distress, especially during Christmas.

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