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The Story of a Relentless Mastermind on a Quest to Impact the World

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Babajide Esho, a 24-year-old graduate of Actuarial Science from the University of Lagos, is on the journey of changing the face of entrepreneurship in Africa.
After being a development manager at Procyon Energy, a company owned by his father, Babajide forged on to be a Foreign Exchange Trading Analyst for GKFX Brokerage (a UK brokerage based in Nigeria).
“I learned a lot working for my father whilst I was in the university. My foray into the business world was as a result of my father trusting in my capabilities to help run his company”
“Finding myself in the business world at a rather young age made me develop business skills that I didn’t fully appreciate until recent years after”.

Babajide’s yearlong mentorship at GKFX propelled his venture into the entrepreneurial scene. “I started an eCommerce platform called with the aim of helping young undergraduate designers in my university have a better platform for them to sell and advertise their handwork” says Babajide.
With only a little success recorded from this venture due to lack of financial backing, he journeyed ahead to GT Bank to further deepen his knowledge for business by taking up an internship role in Digital Marketing before he finally joined (Nigeria’s leading real estate Platform) as a digital marketing executive.

This aspiring business mogul wouldn’t still quit, he had the intense desire to realize his entrepreneurial dream of creating Nigeria’s coolest online community. Then came along ‘ThatBlueBook’ prides itself as Nigeria's sole and coolest webzine, featuring What’s Trending various articles on Money ‘n’ Power, Love ‘n’ Sex, Girl Power, Lifestyle, and Communities.

“My inspiration for ThatBlueBook was actually born out of my drive to be different, to touch lives, empower the youth and give them a voice through my platform”
“I had always wanted to start a blog for a long time, where I could talk about issues that mattered to me but I mean, there a million and one Nigerians out there running different blogs, I conceived the idea around late July, this year, then we started conditioning people up until September when we finally launched’
‘At, we aim to create an online community that reminds the everyday Nigerian of their daily human lives whilst also empowering youths and women through its corporate social responsibility campaigns”
The aesthetics of proves that it definitely is a Nigerian online community with a difference and its acceptance by Nigerians from its social media pages further shows that.

“The reception since we launched has been great…. awesome really and very encouraging with different partnering opportunities bursting forth. In barely two months since we launched, we have had over 15,000 followers on different social media platform and I strongly believe that going forward, more people would come to accept our existence”
However, speaking on the challenges he has had to deal with since he launched the webzine, Babajide had this to say: “Like every other Nigerian startup, lack of basic infrastructure is the major challenge”
As an entrepreneur with a strict business prowess, Babajide is a firm believer in youth empowerment.

“As youths, we need to find avenues to empower ourselves. If 2,3,4 young people with skills come together and brainstorm on ideas that could benefit Nigeria and Africa as a whole, they can help create more jobs especially with the ever-rising rate of youth unemployment in our country. I believe in establishing and investing in something that would outlive us when we are gone. Rather than sitting down, waiting for someone or the government to do something for you, why don’t you work extra hard on the areas you are good at and make something worthwhile. The sky is big enough for us all”
Babajide is backed by a strong team of talented Nigerians who strongly believe in the ThatBlueBook project and they believe with more hands on deck they will be able to deliver their promise to Nigerians of creating Nigeria’s coolest online community.
Babajide Esho is definitely a strong force to watch out for come 2017!

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