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These Are Our Favorite Memes of 2016: From Leonardo DiCaprio's Golden Globes Run-In to Oprah Winfrey's Bread

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2016 giveth, and 2016 taketh away.
It's been a year full of ups and downs, no doubt. But between all of the dark stuff, there are a few bright moments that have the potential to lift our spirits as we close out this period in our lives.
Like memes. Yes, memes. We're thankful to the Internet this year, because whenever we're in need of a pick-me-up, it freaking delivers. It's (almost) impossible to be sad about the state of the world or the quality of the Full House reboot or the Brangelina divorce when some anonymous angel has superimposed 's face onto a piece of toast.

To put a little lift in everyone's spirits this weekend, we've decided to take a look back at all of our favorite memes (and GIFs! You can't leave out the GIFs!) of 2016. Pretty soon you'll be saying, Brangelina who?

1. Oprah Winfrey Loves Bread
I. Love. Bread. I eat bread every day. Besides providing us with endless laughter in meme-form, Oprah's Weight Watchers commercials also turned us on to the genius idea of an all-bread diet. If you can do it with grapefruit, why not bread? (Also, we should all take a moment to pour one out for Vine; we may never find a better medium for the next Oprah's Bread Face.)

2. Post-Lemonade M

Lemonade was the album drop heard 'round the world—although, who are we kidding, everything  does is heard 'round the world. The public at large was impressed into silence as they watched and listened to this now-legendary set of female empowerment jams, but it really kept on giving on the Internet thanks to all of the memes making fun of 's assumed shock over the lyrical content.

3. Bella Hadid at the Victoria's Secret Show

Did you know there were people in their undies at the Victoria's Secret show? We didn't, because we couldn't stop obsessing over all the memes that resulted from Bella and 's epic onstage reunion.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio at the Golden Globes

Doesn't Leo DiCap understand how the Internet works? If you make a weird face on television it will be immortalized forever. Remember that for this year's award show circuit, bro.

5. Hillary Clinton's Hig
According to Giphy, this baby is one of America's most-liked GIFs of 2016, and we can see why. is Internet gold—here's to hoping she doesn't put the impression to bed in 2017.

6. Crying LeBron
The Cleveland Cavaliers won another NBA Championship this summer, and LeBron James gave us the most meme-able face of all time. He was the human crying emoji! How do you not have a blast with that?

7. Obama's Mic Drop
Words can't explain how much we'll miss moments like this, Mr. President.

8. Views From the 6

Picking a favorite meme really is Sophie's Choice. While we're partial to last year's lint-rolling at the basketball game, we have to commend the Views From the 6 for being just too easy. It's like when Drizzy picked his new album cover he was doing the Internet a favor.

9. Sad Affleck

Hello darkness, my old friend. Ben Affleck has come to talk with you again...about this super depressing face he was making during Batman v. Superman junket.

10. Barb...Just, Barb

She may have had arguably the smallest part in season one of Stranger Things, but that didn't stop the Internet from becoming obsessed...and quickly.

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