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Young Thug Calls Alaska Airlines Employees ‘Peasants’ In Nasty Airport Rant

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Well this is so rude! Rapper Young Thug arrived at the airport a little too late to board a flight and he ended up going off on the Alaska Airlines attendants, calling them ‘peasants’ and ‘ants.’ Keep reading to see the vicious rant.
Atlanta rapper Young Thug, 25, got super cruel with a couple of Alaska Airlines attendants who wouldn’t let him check in for a flight from Atlanta to Seattle Dec. 7 because he arrived after the 45 minute cut-off time. He obviously didn’t take the news very well, as he decided to film himself going off on the women! In the video he’s seen opening up a small Bentley bag loaded to the brim with $15,000 in cash.

He then proceeds to head over to the counter and taunts two women, saying “They’re peasants. They’re saying a manager is on the way but I don’t want to talk to a manager. He’s a peasant.” He then repeatedly calls out the women, saying “you’re ants.” Day-um!
He then upped the ante in further insulting them by waving the cash in their faces! “I’ll give you $15,000 to quit your job,” he taunts while dripping in gold jewelry and a sweet pair of shades. We get it Young Thug, you’ve got tons of scratch and lots of bling, but rubbing it in the faces of hard-working airline attendants isn’t going to solve anything. The women are heard asking him to stop recording them as he goes on to further insult one of them, saying she has “nappy” hair.

In the long run, his little rant didn’t help Young Thug make his flight. He was scheduled to play a show in Seattle and was flying out of the ATL for the Dec. 7 appearance, but missed out on getting there. As a result, per TMZ he’s had to reschedule his gig in the Emerald City to Dec. 12.

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