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Your Past Could Make Mimi Smile this Christmas

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Mimi is just one out of many who live below N150 (what used to be a-dollar in the good old days). To them, items such as fancy dresses, watches or even toys are luxury to them. In the spirit of love and giving this Christmas, we are remembering the needy and putting them at the top of our priority list.

Many of us have items we have outgrown lying in waste in our basements, stores and even wardrobes, rather than make them food for moths, let’s make them gifts to the needy. That bridesmaid dress you dislike can be someone’s fancy Christmas dress. Even those last season pair of shoes you’ve dismissed on your shoe rack can be another’s most cherished pair.

Let’s embrace giving this season and just maybe make our past someone else’s present.
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Good Cheer Initiative is the CSR platform of the Verdant Zeal Group through which we have been privileged to enrich lives and give support to special schools and organizations.
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