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You're Doing It Wrong: How to Make Lipstick Last All Day

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Whether you're a red-carpet regular or guilty of taking 20 selfies before you post one photo, you want a lip color that lasts.
Don't just rely on re-application and way-too-obvious lip liner. , who just announced an artist collaboration with Make Up For Ever, has pretty genius tips to make sure those puckers stay put. 
"If I want [a lip color] to be on for a long period of time, always make sure that [the area] around your mouth isn't too moisturized or wet with foundation—so extra powder around your mouth," advised the singer. 

The beauty guru (she does her own stage makeup, after all) relies on a surprisingly subtle lip liner technique.
"Make sure your lip liner [pencil] is really sharp. If [the end] is blunt, the color will bleed," the Bang Bang songstress recommended. "Lightly go around the edge of your mouth. A lot of times I see videos of people that really cake it on. I find that doesn't work for me—going over the whole lip with the lip liner; it can get a little dry, so what I do is a really light liner."

Of course, no color lasts as long as it promises—and even the celebs depend on good, ol' re-application. However, you can do a few things to prolong another swipe from the tube. 
"I always use a lip brush to put my lipstick on," Jessie said. "If I'm going out, I'll touch up with the actual lipstick, but initially, I'll put it on with the brush to get the line perfect. And always use a straw when you drink—that's always helpful."

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