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5 Ways the Internet Can Teach You to Cook Up A Storm

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If you are like me, you certainly love to eat, the problem is you do not know how to cook the kind of meals you love. So whenever anyone asks if you can cook, you’d tell people you can, just not the difficult recipes sha. Weh don Sir! (In Falz Voice)

Let’s tell the truth and put the ‘devil’ to shame, you can’t really cook. 

But do you know you can become a talented chef and even earn respect from others. How you ask? On the internet! The internet is a gem. There are several online videos and articles to take you on a step-by-step journey of amazing recipes. You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle and teach yourself to count the calories you’d accumulate while slurping all the medemede you’ll cook. There are also several free workout YouTube Videos for weight-loss.

So whether you’re cooking for yourself, or for that special one in your life (hehehehe), enjoy these five YouTube Channels that gave me confidence in the kitchen:

Naija is home, let’s start from our base. On AllNigerianRecipes, hosted by Flo you’d get a host of instructional videos that’ll turn you into a conjurer in the kitchen. The channel offers you Nigerian meals the proper way –with the traditional ingredients and all. You can also visit her website.

How would you feel if you could learn a dish from the over 54 countries in Africa. It’s not impossible. OnAfroFoodTV join Yeti Ezeanii as she offers some of the most exciting food recipes across the different countries and regions of Africa. She loads a new video every Friday.

Food Wishes
You learn to cook from Chef John on Foodwishes. His instructional videos help build confidence in your slowly. You rarely see him in the video, except for his hands stirring, throwing, picking ingredients, as he gives a step by step method on cooking.

My Virgin Kitchen
This is one inspiring cooking channel. Do you know why? Barry Lewis is a self-taught cook, and five years ago he couldn't do much with food, but inspired by British Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, he started to film himself cook. Today, his YouTube Show has over a million followers.

Ever wonder how to get the Chinese flavour in your kitchen? Look no further, Lila is here to help. On her channel,Asiancookingmadeasy, she gives easy to follow instructions on how to cook several nutritious and great tasting recipes from Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam...in no time.

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