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How to Detect a Clingy Partner

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Attention is very essential in a relationship. It is like water to a young plant. It is a gesture that keeps both parties aware of their commitment and love for each other.
However, just like a young plant can get killed due to too much water, a relationship can quickly turns sour. It takes a different turn when your partner becomes unnecessarily clingy and possessive.
Most times, these actions are fueled by jealousy and insecurity. Staying in such a relationship is bound to produce very negative consequences and leave you emotionally drained.
We take a look at four tell-tale signs that might suggest that your partner is clingy.
They check up on you incessantly
 Your significant other checking up on you is sweet at first. After a while,it becomes burdensome when they want to know what you are doing at every point in time.
A key thing to look out for is their reaction when you do not respond.  A clingy person will typically get angry and leave you countless messages. This is a pointer to their severe attachment issues.

They monitor your social media activity
 A clingy partner would relish digging into your past and going over old comments and posts. They would become aggressive over pictures with friends and getaways.
These issues that you feel are very minor can quickly become a major  bone of contention.
They crowd your space and tag along
 Once your partner begins to worry about what you are doing without them,then it is a source of concern. They deprive you of your alone time and follow you around without your consent.
If your partner sacrifices their own interests and hobbies to make you their priority, it might spell the beginning of a downward spiral.
They are insecure and need reassurance
 Clingy partners typically need to be reassured of your love and commitment to them.It can become very tiring, when you have to constantly assure someone of your love.
This stems from buried insecurities which would continue to rear its head throughout your relationship.

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