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Kendall Jenner Transforms Jimmy Fallon Into a Vogue Model

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Kendall Jenner has a new job during Fashion Week. stopped by The Tonight Show Tuesday and opened up to the late-night host about her side gig as a photographer, capturing stars such as and for Love magazine. But her favorite pastime also includes taking snapshots of her family, including taking adorable black-and-white photos of .
Jealous, Jimmy wanted to be part of Kendall's portfolio, so he asked her if she'd be willing to photograph him. Although she didn't have her go-to camera, she did have her brand-new Contax (that looked like it's straight out of the '80s). Jimmy started out with some beginner poses, daintily placing his head in his hands as he sat at his desk.

"I'm going to need retouching on this one," he quipped.
Then Jimmy took it to the next level, using Kendall's Vogue issue as inspiration. Finding the photo of her standing on a horse, The Tonight Show host mimicked her pose by substituting his desk for the horse. Kendall told Jimmy she'd let him know when the pics were ready because she had to develop them first—a concept that blew Jimmy away.

To make up for the lack of digital gratification, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and NBC host snapped a Snapchat selfie using the deer filter. The camera didn't recognize Kendall, though, so only Jimmy got filtered.
"This is what happens with my life," Jimmy said.

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