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Happy Easter 2017! What is the Meaning behind Easter Sunday

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It is the time of year when chocolate eggs and bunnies are beginning to fill supermarket shelves and many people's thoughts are turning to the religious story that started off Easter.
For many, the first bank holiday weekend of the year - with four straight days off work - will have a particular appeal.
But Easter is that most confusing of dates - one that is never fixed and changes according to the lunar calendar.
Perhaps you're planning a break with the family or a weekend visiting friends. Or maybe you're just looking forward to spending a long weekend relaxing at home.
Or maybe you are wondering what the religious origin of Easter actually is and what happened during Holy Week - Good Friday to Easter - to warrant us all marking it.
Whatever your plans or questions, you can get organised - and maybe learn a bit about Easter too - by reading our guide.

What are the key dates for Easter 2017?

Palm Sunday : April 9
Maundy Thursday: April 13
Good Friday April 14
Holy Saturday: April 15
Easter Sunday: April 16
Easter Monday: April 17

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