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It was a fun and interactive session as big tech
​c​ompany Microsoft hosted some of Nigeria’s finest bloggers to a session on Empowering Digital Transformation.

The three-hour session which held at the Microsoft Office in Victoria Island showcased the various products, services and offerings offered by the Tech Company that aid the productivity of businesses and individuals.

The bloggers were engaged
​in​ several interesting sessions that highlighted Microsoft’s core strategy for helping organizations to adopt and embrace digital transformation.

It was interesting to learn that Microsoft is the brand that made personal computing available to everyone.

Another interesting thing discussed at the event includes the fact that Windows 10 is the largest and greatest operating system in the world. Since its launch on July 29, 2015, Microsoft’s Windows 10 has gained great momentum with 135 billion hours spent on the OS by 400 million monthly active devices. Windows 10 intelligent personal assistant, Cortana, has been asked five billion questions and has received a million speech queries since its launch. And the Windows 10 store has recorded five billion visits.

Microsoft products tailored to increase productivity include Office 365 (home, personal, and business editions), Microsoft Teams, Sway and OneDrive.

Below are pictures from the event.

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