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Quotes and Words to always remember from Handle It Africa

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The 31st of March, 2017 is a day to recollect as one of Africa's Top Digital Media/Marketing Conferences, HANDLE IT AFRICA held her vulnerable Edition at ORIENTAL HOTEL, VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS STATE.
The occasion which was controlled by the inventive personalities at Penzaarville included board talks with the absolute most regarded industry key players as specialists, for example, Chydee, Social Prefect, Omojuwa, Demola Rewaju, Ebiye, Demola Expoze, OloriSupergal, Osagie Alonge of Pulse TV Nigeria, Woli Arole, Chin Okeke of GidiFest, Mr. Aliyu Giwa (Assistant PRO), Otto Orondaam of Slum 2 School Africa, Dayo Israel among others.

Such occasions don't simply open your brain to a fresher level of inventiveness however moves you to be the best in your field.

Here are a few Quotes (in no specific request) from a portion of the specialists that you ought to keep to heart and apply:

1) *“Know Your Passion and Start to Speak about It.*
What is your Unique Story? *Tell that story in a creative way and be truthful*
– Otto Orondam (Founder, Slum to School Africa)

2) *“For Me, It is not about the people that follow me on Social Media , it is about the Impact i have on people “Don’t just go for virality, go for business"*
– Comedian , Woli Arole

3) *”Social Media is a platform where people who are in need meet people that have it”*
” Being Consistent is the Key to staying on top of your Game on Social Media “
– Comedian, Woli Arole

4) *If you want to create a viral content, don’t overthink it ” – Ajibola Bakare | Rep. Kraks TV*

5) *”Having a niche is the easiest way to have an Audience ” – Chiamaka Obuekwe (Social Prefect)*

6) ”It is the responsibility of the government to inform and engage its citizen on social media ” – Dayo Isreal ( Political Aspirant )

7) ”Ensure that whatever you post about the government is factual ” – Demola Rewaju (Political Strategist)

9) "To build your brand on the digital space, know your strength as a brand and understand the space" Social Media is TV"
– Japheth Omojuwa | Omojuwa.com
10) ”Know which online platform works for You ” – Osagie Alonge ( Pulse TV )

11) ”Content is Key, regardless of what online platform you are using ” – Sola Obagbemi ( Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Red Media Africa )

12) In Nigeria Today, Nobody has 5 million followers on Twitter ( On Social Media ) yet. All of us have not started, we are still going far ” – Japheth Omojuwa | Omojuwa.com | Founder, Omojuwa Foundation

13) ”Every Platform has it’s own peculiarities, find out which suits you the most and run with it ” – Tosin Ajibade | Olori Supergal

14) Virality can be put in a bottle and be sold to people ” – CHIDI OKEREKE ( Digital Communications Strategist ) | Chydee

15) ”I studied Animal Science in school , what i am doing now is my profession and it is a success ” – Demola Expoze

16) Want to post on Social media and add value, BE YOURSELF ! ” – Comedian , Victor Ebiye

17) On Social Media , you have to know your audience and communicate your value appropriately – OLUSOLA AMUSAN ( Philanthropies and CSR Leader, Microsoft Nigeria )

18) Social Media is not a destination, it is a Tool! – Chin Okeke ( Founder , Gidi Fest )

19) If you want to conquer the World, conquer everywhere ” – Japheth Omojuwa | Omojuwa.com | Founder, Omojuwa Foundation

20) Keep getting better at what you do ” – Comedian , Victor Ebiye


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