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A man’s sp erm  is an important part of who he is. What most men do not pay attention to is the many little things that they do daily that could be destroying their sp erms. Some of the everyday habits that destroys the sp erm.
Keeping your phone in your trouser pocket: The front trouser pocket always seem like a safe place to carry one’s phone. What you might not know is that this habit is bad for your sp erm. Radiation that the phone emits when put in such close proximity to a man’s privates will kill his sp erm.
Wearing briefs: Men have different underwear choices according to their personalities. Men who opt for tight briefs though could be hurting their manh**d with this choice. Testicles are positioned outside the body so that they can maintain low temperatures ideal for sp erm production. When a man wears briefs, the testicles stay tightly pressed against a warm body. This warmth impedes sperm production.
Your laptop:  If you are in the habit of working or watching movies with your laptop placed on your thighs, you are unknowingly killing your sp erm. The heat that a laptop computer gives off destroys sp erm. In addition, a computer’s Wi-Fi connectivity can hinder male fertility. The radiation it causes can destroy sp erms.
Testosterone supplements: There are a lot of  men popping these supplements usually to build muscle or boost their manh**d or even to become better athletes. The bad news is that too much of these supplements can actually destroy your manh**d. Too much testosterone can shut down the pituitary gland which controls sperm production.
Alcohol: Alcohol usually slows down sperms production not to mention that too much of it interferes with se xual function.
imageSmoking: Cigarette smoking on the other hand destroys the sperm DNA.
Staying too much in hot areas: Being exposed to too much heat regularly has dire consequences for a man’s sp erm. A man’s genital region needs to be cooler than the other parts of the body, not hotter.
Hot baths: When testicles are exposed to high temperatures, it kills sp erms and also interferes with sp erm production.
Stress: A lot of mental and emotional stress usually impedes bodily functions, this includes sperm production. This means that a man will produce less sp erm or that he will produce sp erm that can’t swim.
Piling up extra weight: Being fit has a lot of advantages.Being overweight or obese lowers sp erm production and can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Losing just a little amount of weight can help.

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