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Things That Seperate Real Men From Boys

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1. He is not fixated on your looks:
Consider it alarming if everything a man discusses with you is dirty and borders on praising at least one part of your body.
He should be bothered about the kind of person you are, how your mind works, what makes you tick, and not how curved your “bumbum” is.
2. A real man is not daunted by your motivation: Your height in life does not faze him one bit and he is in fact very supportive of your dreams, goals, and aspirations.
3. A real man has other interests but you are his priority: “Interests” as used above does not mean “side chics”. It means he has hobbies, a career, friends, aspirations but you remain number one in his life.
4. A real man is direct and certain about what he wants:
He would not beat around the proverbial bush. He would come clean. When situations get awkward or uncomfortable he would not avoid them but he would meet them head.
5. A real man would give you his trust: As long as you have done nothing to betray this feeling, a real man would give you a huge chunk of his trust. He would be very confident in the relationship you have with him.
6. A real man is cool, calm, and reserved.
7. A real man would always show you respect regardless of the situation in the relationship. He would put effort into making what you share with him work because he is as invested in its success as you are.
8. A real man would empower you: He would want you to be the best version of you that you can be without any alterations to your true nature.
He would stand by you and for you at all times.

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