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All Day Beauty

One major challenge that ladies have with makeup is how to make it last longer. This is something that is  important in the everyday hustle and bustle when we have so much to do and taking time out to redo or touch makeup seems like a luxury.
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Here’s some help – 11 tips that will help you keep your makeup fresh for longer:
1. Start with good skin – make sure your exfoliate your skin as often as is necessary and moisturize daily before applying makeup. If your face is smooth and fresh, your makeup will last longer.
2. Do away with excess oil – if you face is too oily, your make up will melt faster because like oil and water, oil and makeup don’t mix well. Use blotting paper to get the oil excess off your face.
3. Go waterproof – waterproof eyeliner, eye-shadow and mascara will help you prevent smudging and last longer through the day
4. Go for Oil-free foundation – oil-free foundation will definitely last longer; make sure you pick something with SPF for extra protection from the weather.
5. Go for matte lipstick – matte lipsticks last longer so you can use those and top it off with  lip gloss if you want a shiny finish
6. Avoid over-layering – make sure you apply your foundation, powder and other face products in thin layers and do a gradual build up to prevent it from being too cakey. When the layers are too thick, your makeup will melt faster.

7. Use primer – using a primer before you apply your make will help it last longer because a primer fill in your pores and makes flaws less obvious.

8. Buy quality– if you really want products that will last longer through the day then you’ll have to invest in better quality products. It will cost you more but they will last longer because you will use less to achieve best results. This will save you money in the long run.
9. Prepare for touch-ups –  you need to have a makeup bag handy to pack some of your essentials so that you can touch-up on your look and repair any sudden makeup emergencies.  You should at least have the basics like powder, lipstick, lip gloss and blotting paper with you in case of any emergencies.
10. Don’t touch– if you want your makeup to last longer, try not to touch your face. This will prevent any makeup melts from oil transferred from your hands to face and it will also prevent the transfer of germs which may cause infection, inflammation and breakouts.
11. Keep things simple – Try to keep your everyday makeup light and simple; this is the best way to ensure that your make lasts longer. Heavy use of multiple products will mostly likely require that you touch up and adjust several times a day. Light makeup makes touch-ups very easy, fast and most times, it’s not necessary. Leave the heavy stuff for special occasions.


  1. This is excellent and effective. I have written and publish an article relating to this too on my blog