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Usefulness of Honey in Our Health - Health Wise

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Honey, applied externally, is considered useful in treatment of wound and sores. It soothes pain, acts as antiseptic, hastens healing and is especially effective in curing burns and carbuncles.

Dr Arnold Lornard, an eminent nutrition expert considers honey as the best food for the heart. He observes, "Honey is easily digested and assimilated. It is recommended in the cases of arteriosclerosis and of weak hearts. As it would be unwise to leave such a hard working organ as the heart without food over the long hours of the night, I recommend heart patients to take before going to bed a glass of water with honey and lemon juice in it, and also to take it when awakening at night. "Honey is useful in treating cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart

Honey build hemoglobin in the body due to the largely iron, copper and manganese contained in it which is beneficial in the treatment of anaemia as it helps to maintain the right balance of haemoglobin and red blood corpuscles(r.b.c).

The use of honey is highly beneficial in the treatment of irritating cough. As a soothing agent, it produces a soothing effect on inflamed mucus membrane of the upper respiratory tract and retrieves irritating cough and symptoms like difficulty in swallowing. For the same reason, it is used in the manufacture of various cough mixture. Honey gargles are also useful in irritating cough.

Honey is valuable in keeping the mouth healthy. Applied daily over teeth and gums, it cleans and gives sparkle to teeth. It prevents tarter, decay, early falling of the teeth, growth of harmful micro-organisms, bad odour and more... Gargling with honey water is useful in gingivitis due to inflammation of the gums.

Honey is specially useful in providing energy and heat to the body in old age. Or dries up the phlegm and clears the system of mucus to which a person generally falls victim to in old age. One or two teaspoons of honey in a capfull of boiling water, taken while still warm, is a refreshing and strengthening drink.

Honey is an excellent remedy for various eye ailments. Applied daily in the eye it improves the eye sight. It is useful in treating of itching of the eye, trachoma, conjunctivitis and some other similar diseases, it is also valuable in the prevention of cataract formation. Two grams of onion juice and honey each mixed together should be kept safe in a clean bottle. It should be applied locally to the eyes with a glass rod. This is a very effective remedy for immature cataract. It resolves the already coagulated protein fibres as well as prevent futher coagulation.

Honey is useful in maintaining the health of the stomach. It tones up the stomach diseases. It also decreases the over production of hydrochloric acid thereby preventing symptoms like nausea, vomiting and heart burn. When putrified faecal matter and undigested foods are present in alimentary canal, honey acts as a laxative and emotic and clears the digestive canal of the waste matter.

Honey is a spermatogenetic and sexual stimulant. It is regarded by many Asiatics as an aphrodisiac. It is believed that it possesses a substance which influences the fertility of women and the virility of men. It is prepared by boiling three parts water to one part honey over a slow fire until two third remains. This honey potion is believed to promote a feeling of rejuvenation and youthful virility.

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