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On Creating A Life You Love

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- Don't be afraid to reach out to strangers. : 
Talk to people about your life, strength and mistakes. It might seem inappropriate but also it's you building a community, strength and maybe helping someone overcome fear.  

- If you don't like something, own it.
 When you let go of shame and your fear of judgment, you free yourself to do what you want. Life is too short to do things for approval or to avoid conflict. If you don’t like where you are, get up and leave. If you aren’t happy with what someone says, respectfully let them know. You must be your own advocate.

-Be willing to spend money on experiences
Don’t worry about saving every penny. I believe that if you have the means to let go, then let go. There’s nothing like sharing laughter with a friend over a good meal or the adventure of taking a last minute road trip to a nearby state. If you have the money and you can afford to relax with it, spend it. Spend it, because you can’t take it with you to the grave.

-Don't make hasty decisions when you're feeling emotional.
Grief leaves me exhausted on most days. One minute I’m grounded, feeling confident in my ability to move forward slowly, and the next I am completely doubled over with fear and pessimism, a blubbering mess of tears. These feelings have taught me a lot about the wisdom in pausing. Even if someone wants an immediate response from you, it’s your job to make sure that you take care of yourself first.

- Do not take every piece of advice everyone gives you.
Try not to let the common sense or “better sense” of others confuse your own intuition. Gather opinions if you are uncertain about a decision, but return back to your own internal guidance system.

- Find a little thing to be grateful for in each moment.
This single moment is all there is to live. Longing for the future or the past is indulging a mental fantasy. Find a best thing in each moment even if it’s small. Recognize at least one thing that you are grateful for in order to practice bringing yourself back to where you are. This will help you to feel the joy in the practicalities of life.

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