Paedophiles are not always strangers' they are sometimes the known aunties, uncles, and neigbours. #Be alert - My FrontPager

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Paedophiles are not always strangers' they are sometimes the known aunties, uncles, and neigbours. #Be alert

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You will be amazed at the shocking rise of pedophiles in Nigeria now. Statistics shows One in four girls and one in ten boys in Nigeria had experienced sexual violence before the age of 18, please tell me who is molesting them?

There is hardly a day that goes by where news of a molested young kid by a much older adults is not out on the news. Very soon Nigeria will out rise Cambodia and other countries as one of the most dangerous place for kids to live in if this pedophilia rise is not tackled. 

Under the law a rapist of a minor gets life imprisonment but how often pedophilia get away with offenses because they are known to the children and not reported is heartbreaking. Most times such cases is either not reported as kids have been brain washed or scared out of their wits and hence does not speak out. Even when cases are reported this cases gets swept under the rug as family issues with the police and as such should be dealt with among families.

My case especially is this, who is suppose to protect these vulnerable kids????? If we are to play a blame game I will start with the parents. A random oral survey i conducted among adults revealed that they were first exposed to sex by a trusted family member/neighbor/cleric and trusted teachers right under their parents nose meaning mostly those people the parents trusted their kids with.  

When it comes to your kid do not trust anyone. Only God. Yes its okay to be overprotective because out here there are many wolves in human clothing. Personally my parents were very protective but even at that i still shiver whenever I remember the potential dangers I was potentially exposed to if they were not that protective. I remember the weird neighbor that always want us playing the very fun "Mummy and daddy"role play am very sure some of my other playmates would have been victims of his much experienced exploits.

Most parents in Nigeria wait till after a child has been sexually molested/exposed before starting their sex education often when a girl can get pregnant or when a boy can impregnate someone without realizing the kids have already been exposed, exploited, molested, and harmed right under their very nose. 

The question is when should you begin to educate your child about potential dangers and how to protect himself/herself from sexual abuse. Very early I say. Show them pictures of a human body and point to where a stranger/family and friends can or cannot touch at a very young age. Make into nursery rhymes, let them realize when they need to scream or run. Remember even the bible say you are worst than an infidel if you bring forth a kid into the world that you can not take care of, and Quran have many sayings to that effect too.

Let's not even start talking about the parents that employs house staff because of their busy schedule and do not put any protective measures in place. How cheap are video camera's now that you can't install one and monitor the relationship of your vulnerable child with a stranger you yourself employed?

It's a sin to make a child believe he/she is only exposed to danger in the hands of strangers. That is just wrong. As a parent it is okay to be skeptical and have a little bit of trust issues when it comes to protecting your child from vices even from friends, families and loved ones.  

One thing I have also noticed about parents is once they have another kid, that two or three year old elder siblings is half neglected and the baby is the ONLY center of attention. That two or three even five years old is still just a kid too. They should be monitored just as much, and protected just as much and if as a parent you can't handle it or can not focus on more than one thing or the other at a time take to family planning and space your children so well one is neither neglected or abandoned or when is old and brainy enough to protect the younger one. Family planning helps you properly train a kid before bringing forth another one.

Child rape is vicious it affects the child psychology, physically, emotionally and almost throughout his/her entire life. It is however the duty of the elderly ones to be watchful and vigilant. 

BE vigilant, PEDOPHILES are not always strangers.  

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