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Terror: See the ‘Prophet’ Who Locked Up 6 Sisters in His House and Forced Them to Be His S*x Slaves

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Lee Kaplan is a horrific abuser who imprisoned six young sisters in his home and forced them to be his s*x slaves, after their parents ‘gifted’ them to him.

According to Metro UK, when police discovered the disturbing Pennsylvania home of Lee Kaplan, 51, they found he was living with 12 women and girls who were all related.

Six of them were the daughters of an Amish couple, who ‘gifted’ the girls to Kaplan after he gave them money.

While they were in his custody Kaplan repeatedly r*ped and sexually assaulted the girls. The oldest victim gave birth to two of his children.

After a while the girls’ dad also ‘gifted’ his wife – their mum – to Kaplan, ‘in hopes of strengthening [their] bloodlines’.

All of the girls, who were aged nine to 19, delivered harrowing testimony in court, describing their lives at the hands of Kaplan – who had described himself as a prophet of God.

Kaplan forbid them from leaving the house, telling them the outside world would ruin them. Instead, they had to spend their days being ‘home schooled’ by him, or tending to crops in the garden.

However, neighbour Jen Betz eventually called the police last year, telling officers that the house seemed strange.

‘My gut was telling me to confirm what I was thinking,’ she told CNN. ‘There was no reason why this older – significantly older man, any man, regardless of what they look like – would have this amount of children, all in blue dresses, never outside the house regularly, looking so scared.’

As well as Kaplan, detectives also arrested the children’s parents.

The admitted child endangerment and confessed knowing that Kaplan was having sex with their 14-year-old daughter. They even ‘researched the legality of their deal on the internet,’ police said.

Kaplan denied 17 charges including child r*pe, sexual assault and indecent assault, but was convicted by a jury on Tuesday.

His lawyer, Ryan Hyde, said he maintains his innocence and is looking into appealing the conviction.

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